Video to DVD conversion service -Call Now!

All videos age, their quality deteriorates. Their lifetime is limited and audio and picture quality is lost over time. Tapes that are older than 10 years may start to degrade. Eventually it will be too late to salvage your home recordings. It is time to dig out those old tapes and transfer them to DVD before it's too late!

I convert your VHS, or camcorder tape (8mm, Hi8, Digital 8, miniDV, VHS-C, etc.) to DVD, hard drive or flash drive (Both Hard Drive and Flash drive supplied by customer).  DVDs do not deteriorate at the same rate as videos and have a life expectancy of 100+ years.

From only €15 per tape - now is the perfect time to preserve your precious memories such as weddings, birthday parties and other family home movies recorded before the digital movement.

I can meet in Trim, Navan or Blanchardstown or alternatively you may post your tapes to me, and I will send them and your DVDs back by post.

Tape quality deteriorates over time the more often it is played, DVDs however last longer, and are more compatible than tapes.

How many of you have old wedding videos that you cannot share with you children as you no longer have a video recorder or the camcorder on which the tape was recorded on? Call me now or fill in the contact form and we can arrange a pick up,

Unbeatable Value! -  from €15* per tape regardless of tape length. VHS Wedding Videos are often up to 3 hours long. Many charge extra for large amounts of footage. Copies cost €7 extra when requested with original conversion order.

*Tapes in poor condition such as broken or mouldy tapes incur an extra €10 charge per tape for processing.